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Yellowstone Dutton Ranch is the largest ranch in the United States located in the Paradise Valley in Park County, Montana, east of Bozeman and west of Livingston. The ranch is owned by John Dutton. His family has owned the land for seven generations and has been under constant threat by land developers, casino moguls, and the Broken Rock Reservation. The Duttons are the sole residents of the ranch along with the workers and hired hands who protect and improve the ranch.




Hired Hands:


Non Branded
  • Gator (Chef)
  • Viggo (Helicopter Pilot)
  • Carter (Troubled Teen put to work in the stalls)
  • Laramie (Barrel Racer, Volunteer) (Reinstated)

Former Workers
  • Jimmy Hurdstram (Branded Ranch Hand and Rodeo Competitor, Sent to the Four Sixes)
  • Wade Morrow (Former Branded Worker, Brand was removed by Walker and was lynched by the Ranch Hands for betraying the ranch) †
  • Fred Myers (Former worker, killed by Lloyd Pierce) †
  • Avery (Horse groomer, Returned back to the Reservation on her own accord)
  • Cowboy (Former Ranch hand, Quit)
  • Stan (Former Ranch Hand, Unknown)
  • Mia (Jimmy's girlfriend. Barrel Racer, Left the Ranch)