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This Is Not Your Heaven is the tenth episode of 1883: A Yellowstone Origin Story and the season finale. The episode premiered on February 27, 2022.


James and Margaret face a heavy decision. Shea and Thomas take bold action to help one of their own.


The wagon train arrives at Fort Caspar in the Wyoming Territory to find it in possession of Joseph Maull Carey, the leader of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association. There is no surgeon to help Elsa, though a doctor confirms her wound is life-threatening and advises taking her to Fort Laramie. Meanwhile, Josef's leg turns gangrenous and it is amputated by James, Shea and Thomas. Later, Elsa is treated by a local Crow tribe. Elsa realizes she is going to die, and asks to choose her burial spot. The Crow leader recommends a valley in the Montana Territory called 'Paradise' for the Duttons to settle, but promises that his people will reclaim the land in seven generations. Forced to leave his wife and son behind to find the spot before Elsa succumbs to her wound, James and Elsa ride to Paradise. Beneath a tree, Elsa dies in her father's arms. A year later, Shea arrives at the Pacific Ocean; his promise to his late-wife fulfilled, he shoots himself on the beach. Josef, alone and on crutches, begins building his home; Thomas and Noemi arrive in Oregon where they find a location near a river to build their home.


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Guest Cast

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Episode Deaths
  • Klaus - Murdered by Bandits
  • Nikolai - Wounded by Bandits (Death Not Fully Confirmed)
  • Risa - Succumbed to the injuries after falling from her horse
  • Elsa Dutton - Succumbed to the Lakota arrow wound she received
  • Shea Brennan - Suicide



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