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The Long Black Train is the fourth episode of the first season of Yellowstone. It premiered on July 18, 2018.


Kayce and Monica deal with the aftermath of a family death, a secret about John is revealed, Tate has a close call, and Beth gives Dan Jenkins a rough night out on the town.


The episode opens up with scenes showing what an early morning on Yellowstone Ranch is like. John Dutton watches as his ranch hands work to begin another day on the ranch.

Next, a scene cuts to Chief Thomas Rainwater and broken rock police chief Ben Waters standing over the bones that were recently found on the reservation. They argue with a construction crew about beginning work that day. The scene cuts with Ben Waters asking Thomas how much area he wants taped off to which he responds “To the Horizon.”

Back at the ranch, John Dutton is flying over in his helicopter when he realizes that some cattle have strayed into the woods. He tells Rip to go round them up and Rip tells Jimmy to come with him. Because he is still extremely inexperienced, Jimmy gets thrown off his horse while trying to round up the cattle and he loses his Cowboy hat. Ranch hand Lloyd Pierce helps Jimmy catch his horse then suggests that he find his hat before going back to the others.

Back on the reservation, Kayce helps bathe Samantha Long's children after she has killed herself. While he does this, Monica is in the living room attempting to cut the portion of the carpet with Samantha's blood stains. When she goes into the kitchen to wash up, she realizes that the refrigerator and pantry are both relatively empty. When Kayce comes in to check on her she explains to him that Samanthas death was more of a sacrifice than a suicide. She killed herself so that her children could go live in a better home with their grandparents because she could not provide for them. The scene ends with Monica and Kayce hugging and crying over the tragedy.

Back at the ranch Jimmy is alone looking for his cowboy hat when he stumbles across a lone calf that was left behind.

The scene cuts back to Kayce and Monica sitting on the porch waiting for Samantha's parents to arrive and get the children. Monica says that it will be better for the children to get off the reservation. She also suggests to Kayce that they may also need to leave the reservation soon. She then asks Kayce to take Tate away from the reservation so that he does not have to see his cousins leave. Kayce asks Tate to go to the ranch with him.

At the ranch, John Dutton is trying to ride the wild horse that Kayce left him and some of the ranch hands are watching. Emmett then learns from another ranch hand, Mickey, that Mr. Dutton should not be riding at all because he had 2 feet of his colon resected the prior week. It is then revealed that he had colon cancer.

Back in town, Beth is at a bar asking to speak to Mr. Jenkins. When the manager confronts her about smoking inside she threatens to make a scene and he agrees to go get Mr. Jenkins.

At the reservation, Monica helps load Samanthas parents' car with children's belongings. Samantha's mother is angry because she had always wanted Samantha to move away. When Monica offers to help with anything that is needed, Samantha's mother slams the door in her face.

Later, Emmett Walsh confronts John Dutton about his colon cancer while insinuating that the town needs a commissioner that is not sick. John angrily states that the cancer has been removed and that Emmett is to tell no one about it. John also makes sure to tell Emmett to tell Mickey, whose son is his doctor, not to tell anyone about the cancer. The conversation then cuts short when Kayce walks into the barn. Kayce asks his dad to entertain Tate and John and Tate agree to go to the river.

Back at the reservation Chief Thomas Rainwater comes looking for Kayce. He talks to Monica about all the deaths on the reservation and says that he thinks they are all connected. He then tells her to send Kayce to him when he gets back home insinuating that he has suspicions of Kayce.

While trying to build a fire by the river, John sends Tate to get some sticks to place in the fire. When Tate tries to take some branches off of a tree, he falls into the river below. John rushes to the river and jumps in to save Tate. He then rushes Tate back to the fire pit and starts the fire quickly to warm Tate back up.

The scene then cuts to Jimmy riding back up to the others with the stranded calf on the back of his horse. While Rip seems unimpressed, Lloyd acknowledges Jimmy's accomplishment. While walking to supper, A ranch worker Fred attacks Jimmy and continues to beat him until Rip comes out and takes him down. Rip tells Fred that if he ever touches a branded man again he will kill him. Rip then tells Jimmy that there are a lot of workers on the ranch but being a “branded man” means that he is family. This is the first time we see how much Rip really cares about Jimmy. Rip then tells Fred that he is going to take Jimmy's job of cleaning the stalls. When Fred refuses, Rip tells Lloyd to give Fred his check for the week and get him off of the ranch. The scene ends with Kayce coming to the barn looking for a horse to ride out to the river because his dad and Tate still have not come back.

Back at the river Tate notices the scar on his grandfather's stomach from the colon surgery. When he asks about it, John tells him that he got in a sword fight with a goblin. Because Tate is so young he doesn't ask anymore questions about the scar.

Back at the bar Beth meets with Mr. Jenkins and convinces him to go out on the town with her.

At the ranch, Kayce comes to get Tate and is frustrated about his injuries. John and Rip talk about the firing of Fred and John tells Rip to replace him with someone with a brand. He tells Rip to get someone from the prison.

Back in town, Beth takes Mr. Jenkins to a rowdy bar and makes a fool of him. He leaves her there and walks out angrily.

Monica arrives at the hospital where Kayce has brought Tate to get stitches. She is noticeably upset but Tate seems unfazed.

Back at his home, John Dutton is watching his fire while stressfully repeating “you could have lost him.” The scene ends with him saying “you lost him.” insinuating that he believes Kayce will not let him see Tate anymore.

Next, we see Lloyd driving Fred to the train station. He pulls over at a cliff and throws Freds belongings over. When Fred yells at him saying they are not at the train station, Lloyd responds by saying this is the Long Black Train, and shoots Fred in the head. This is where the title of the episode comes from.

While taking Tate home from the hospital, Kayce is pulled over by the police and is arrested. Monica stays in the car holding Tate.

Back at the bar, Rip shows up to see Beth. The episode ends with the two of them slow dancing in the bar.


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Fred Myers - Shot by Lloyd Pierce

  • Sunrise by Ryan Bingham
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