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Think you're up for this fight, Beth? You have no idea how wrong you are.
Roarke Morris

Roarke Morris is a rancher and stock holder for Market Equities whose family owns Cross Creek Ranch. He is also one of the primaries antagonists for Season 3 and a minor character in Season 4.


Early Life

Throughout the Series

He is looking to make his move in taking John Dutton's land. His crosshairs are later pointed at Bethany Dutton when she caused his stocks to plummet, instigating a trade war between the two of them. He is even known to have somewhat of a fling with CEO Willa Hayes, up until she was placed on leave after a scandal broke out. He even recruited Wade Morrow, a former Yellowstone hand and his son, Clint, to cause the Duttons trouble to the point where they do something they could not take bake. Eventually he lost contact with the Morrows, who were taken to the "Train Station". Two months after a coordinated attack and just as John reemerged from his coma, Rip Wheeler sought payback against Roarke, by approaching with a cooler while he was fly fishing, asking if it was his. Roarke, not knowing who Rip was, denied it being his cooler, but Rip persisted as he shook the cooler around and in range, he opened it up to Roarke, revealing a rattlesnake, which bit Roarke in the face. Roarke then quickly succumbed to the venom and died as Rip stood over him to make sure he was dead.