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Racing Clouds is the ninth episode of 1883: A Yellowstone Origin Story. The episode premiered on February 20, 2022.


A misunderstanding leads to a battle with serious consequences.


In Lakota territory, the dwindling group is beset by further tragedy when Josef is bitten by a rattlesnake and his wife is thrown from her horse, leaving her comatose and eventually proves fatal. Shea, Thomas and James come across a group of murdered Lakota women and children. Realizing they will be blamed for the massacre and hunted by Lakota warriors, they attempt to track and capture the culprits, while the remainder of the group are told to stay and explain the situation to any returning Lakota. However, at Cookie's insistence, many of the settlers choose instead to flee to a nearby U.S. Army fort, leaving Elsa and Margaret behind. Shea, Thomas and James find and kill the culprits, members of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association. The scattered settlers are attacked and many are killed by the Lakota. Elsa shoots a Lakota warrior, who in turn fires an arrow into her torso. After Elsa defuses the fight by speaking a few words taught to her by Sam, the Lakota leave. Colton is forced to kill a crazed, partially-scalped arrow-impaled Alina. Elsa receives rudimentary treatment for her wound. James quietly tells Margaret that Elsa is going to die.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Episode Deaths
  • Henry Weaver - Shot by Thomas
  • Cookie - Murdered by Lakota Warriors
  • Mikel - Scalped by the Lakota (Off-Screen)
  • Alina - Shot by Colton



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