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No Such Thing as Fair is the ninth episode of the fourth season of Yellowstone. The episode premiered on December 26, 2021.


John and Beth squabble; Jimmy has an important decision to make; Kayce begins a new quest; Jamie realizes Garrett's past might affect his own future.


Jamie is still perplexed when he sees the evening news give positive reviews to John's campaign for Governor, but Christina again tells him that John's old-fashioned message has no lasting campaign value. Jamie then tells her that his biological father Garrett has done thirty years in prison for the murder of his wife, Jamie's mother. Christina takes the news badly and advises Jamie to distance himself as much as possible from Garrett if he wishes to succeed in the campaign against John. Meanwhile, John gets a call from Summer, his new girlfriend, that she is in jail from the airport protest and that hard charges are being brought against her because she physically assaulted the arresting officer, and John goes to help her. Back at his ranch, Kayce goes to see Rainwater and Mo to tell them that he wishes to take the warrior initiation rites of his wife's tribe in order to be recognized as a full tribal member by her family, and they all agree to arrange for it. On his way to Summer's plea bargain meeting, John stops for coffee and spots Garrett having breakfast there. They exchange bitter words about their bad memories and both express the worst prospects for each other. When John gets to Summer's plea bargain meeting, he finds out that Beth was the one who set-up the conditions for the police to go and arrest the airport protesters where Summer was arrested and now faces assault charges. Beth is distraught as John voices his disappointment in her, and he threatens to kick her out of the house. In the mountains by the ranch, Kayce is taken by Mo and Rainwater to the tribal ritual initiation site where Kayce must endure the outdoor elements for four days in a fixed setting with no food or water. They leave him as nightfall approaches and tell him he cannot leave until they return for him.


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  • Javelina by Red Shahan
  • Dear Rodeo by Cody Johnson
  • Break My Heart Sweetly by John Moreland
  • Hallelujah by Ryan Bingham
  • Chess by Honey County
  • Restless Ways by Gethen Jenkins



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