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Lightning Yellow Hair is the seventh episode of 1883: A Yellowstone Origin Story. The episode premiered on February 6, 2022.


Elsa makes an unlikely friend. The group faces a harrowing challenge from mother nature. The camp searches for one of their own.


In Comancheria, the settlers pay a tax to the Comanche to cross their land. One of the Comanche introduces himself to Elsa as Sam, a name he took from the man who killed his wife. The two race their horses; Elsa wins and Sam nicknames her "Lightning With The Yellow Hair". A storm approaches and tornadoes threaten the group; Sam and Elsa take shelter together and embrace. The tornado devastates the group's wagons and scatters their livestock. The cattle are spotted with a group of rustlers, so Shea, Thomas, James and Elsa confront them. Separated from her father, Elsa is attacked by the rustlers until Sam and his partner save her. The rustlers are killed with assistance from cattleman Charles Goodnight.


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