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Kill the Messenger is the second episode of the first season of Yellowstone. It premiered on June 27. 2018.


As the dust settles from the shootout, the Duttons deal with the potential repercussions. John calls in a favor and collects on some old debts. Jamie meets with the governor to do damage control.


A photo in the medical examiner's report, showing Robert Long's bullet wounds in a circular pattern on his chest and one shot to the head.

Governor Perry calls Jamie into her office to show him the report from the medical examiner. The report shows that Lee was shot in the spine, which would have resulted in his paralysis making it impossible for him to fire a gun. The gun shots killing Robert included five shots clustered in a circle on his chest and one to his head. Later, when Chief Rainwater receives a copy of the report, he comments that it was a "very good shot," implicating Kayce's military background.

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Episode Deaths
  • Patrick Monteith - Strangled by Rip Wheeler

  • Thunder Kiss '65 by White Zombie
  • Bad News by Whitey Morgan and the 78's
  • Goodbye Yesterday by Shaver
  • Song 2 by Blur


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