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The only thing I got left is to make a future for my son. This is the only thing I got to give him.
Kayce Dutton

Kayce John Dutton is a main character on Yellowstone. He is John and Evelyn Dutton's son, albeit the two have a complex and tense relationship, with regrets from John for driving Kayce away. Kayce is married to Monica and together, they have their son, Tate.


Early Life

Kayce and John have a complex and tense relationship, with John regretting his actions resulting in driving Kayce away from the ranch. Kayce and John have been estranged for sometime at the beginning of the series. It is later revealed that part of what drove them apart was that Kayce got Monica pregnant and they planned to keep the baby. That is when John forced Kayce to take the brand. Before the series, he was an ex-Navy SEAL who settled on the Broken Rock Reservation with his wife Monica and son Tate and befriended some of the locals, including Monica's brother, Robert, who was also a fellow military veteran.

Season One

Kayce lives on the Black Rock Reservation with Monica and Tate, breaking colts and stallions for money, though he often gives many of them away. He appreciates life on the reservation even though, despite having friends and family there, he is nevertheless seen as an outsider. Throughout the season he prefers to stay on the reservation and avoids contact with his family. Nevertheless, he is roped into conflict when the Dutton's cattle drift on to reservation land and the tribe's new chairman, Tom Rainwater, claims them for the tribe. This culminates in a nocturnal firefight between reservation law enforcement and the Livestock Association Agents lead by Kayce's father John and his eldest brother Lee. In midst of the skirmish, Kayce's brother-in-law Robert fatally shoots Lee, Kayce rides past him before he can execute Lee and kicks him. As he tries to save Lee, Robert draws down and Kayce shoots and kills him.

Season Two

Kayce, Monica and Tate briefly stay on the Yellowstone Ranch, with John attempting to arrange an employment opportunity at Montana State University in Bozeman for Monica so the family can stay on the ranch and John can build a relationship with Tate as his grandson. Kayce seems content to work on the ranch alongside his dad though the relationship is still somewhat strained. Monica declines the initial offer to join the faculty, and returns to her job as a teacher at the reservation school. When she arrives at school she attempts to breakup a fight between two older students and ends up unconscious with severe head trauma. Over the course of her recovery she comes to the conclusion that while she loves Kayce, she thinks what's best for Tate is to keep him away from Kayce and the Dutton family because of the dangerous business they're mixed up in. Monica moves into a faculty apartment with Tate on the MSU campus, and briefly entertains a fling with her physical therapist Martin. Meanwhile, Kayce continues to work on the ranch, occasionally seeing Monica and Tate and hoping for a chance to save their marriage.

Eventually Kayce and Monica do reunite, and Monica returns to living on the Dutton Ranch with their son. Kayce also accepts his intended role as the future head of the ranch and assumes the decision-making responsibilities. He briefly clashes with Rip when John gives Kayce the foreman's cabin to live in and moves Rip into the bunkhouse. However, when John quietly intervenes and asks Rip to help Kayce learn how to lead the two come to amicable terms. After Monica and Tate return to the ranch Kayce moves back into the main house.

Season Three

The following summer after the Dutton's herd of cattle were killed by consuming clover hay, Kayce decides to setup a spike camp in a remote part of the ranch where the cattle are grazing to closely monitor the herd and make sure no new clover grew in the field after the wet season. He spends much of his summer there with the ranch hands, John, and Tate. When Governor Perry seeks to promote Jamie to Attorney General of Montana, she convinces Kayce to replace Jamie as the new commissioner of the Livestock Association. He reluctantly agrees, and splits his time between his ranch responsibilities and the commissioners office like John before him.

The chairmen of the Stock Growers Association meet with Kayce to thank him for his service, and propose that he run for governor since Perry has two years left in her final term. Kayce is reluctant to consider the offer having just begun to settle into his role as Commissioner, but the chairmen make a strong case that supports Kayce's desire to help people, pointing to the fact that he's not a politician and that's exactly what they want and need. He shares the proposal over the phone with Monica, who seems displeased and frustrated with the changes simply running for office would bring. However, their conversation is cut short when multiple gunmen break into Kayce's office to assassinate him in what turns out to be a coordinated hit on him, Beth, and John.

Season Four