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Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops is the tenth and final episode of the fourth season of Yellowstone. The episode will premier on January 2, 2022.


To the Duttons, family is everything; however, newfound truths threaten that bond. Jimmy comes home and has important decisions to make. Beth takes family matters into her own hands.


Beth asks Rip about the best way to patch things up with John to keep from being sent away from the house and Rip advises that she make a full apology, which John accepts. John asks Jimmy to show the new horse he purchased from the Four 6s ranch and is pleased to see Jimmy’s progress in handling horses, which leads him to clear all of Jimmy’s financial debts to the ranch for his past medical bills. Later in the day, Beth is at work at Market Equities and is confronted by the Chairman of the Board that she has been caught acting in bad faith against her fiduciary duties to Market Equities, which will cause a protracted and damaging law suit against the Yellowstone ranch. Beth is fired on the spot. On the same day, Beth rebounds by deciding that she must go ahead with her marriage to Rip and forces a Catholic priest to perform the marriage ceremony at the ranch. Later, Summer’s case is brought before the Judge who tells John that she has an extensive record of 42 arrests in multiple states and that she must do prison time. Kayce’s tribal initiation rites started by Mo and Rainwater lead to nightmares, unpleasant flashbacks, and bad dreams which cause Kayce to believe that he and his wife’s marriage will not survive for long. Beth later visits Riggins in the prison house and gets him to admit that he was hired by Garrett to plan the execution of the Dutton family and that Jamie knew about it. She then drives to the statehouse to confront Jamie at gunpoint in his office with an ultimatum in three parts. In the first two options Jamie ends up either publicly disgraced or murdered. Jamie chooses the third option. He visits his father Garrett who is staying at his house in the country and is by the brook on Jamie’s property. While exchanging some words, Jamie produces a handgun and shoots Garrett dead at point blank range. The final part of Beth’s third option is that Jamie must dispose of Garrett’s body at nightfall in Beth’s presence, with her taking incriminating photographs of Jamie handling the dead body. Without relating any of the details to John, Beth later reports to John that she now has Jamie under her own control and not to worry about any future problems with Jamie.


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Garrett Randall - Shot by Jamie Dutton




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