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I've killed everything I ever loved and everything that ever loved me. You don't want to know me... son.
Garrett Randall

Garrett Randall was the birth father of Jamie Dutton and the primary antagonist for Season 4. He was convicted of killing his wife when Jamie was a young boy and lived by himself on his farm after being released from prison. He blamed drugs on his wife's death and the reason for her death.


Early Life

Arrested on 6/16/1980 and convicted on 8/12/1980, he was sentenced to 30 years to life for murdering his wife, Phyllis. They were raising his infant son, Michael. One day he returned from work and discovered his baby son, Jamie, crying and attempting to suck a crack pipe while his wife was whoring herself off to some random guy. Angered by allowing that to happen, Garrett killed her and was later convicted for murder and released years down the road.

Throughout the Series

One day, Jamie confronts him after learning he was adopted. Garrett claimed he killed Phyllis to save Jamie from that life. Somewhere along the way, he contacted his old cellmate, Terrell Riggins, and hired his militia to off the rest of the Duttons, which ultimately failed. He was later on living with Jamie at his new home and eventually met Christina and his grandson. Part of his vendetta with John involved his late wife, Phyllis, and blamed John for not defending his actions in court. Beth soon learned about Riggins and confronted Jamie over the issue, who finally made it clear that it was Garrett who requested the hit. While on the ranch, Garrett was taking in the sites and Jamie then pulled out a gun and shot him in the side of the head. Jamie then dragged Garrett's body to his vehicle and drove him to the Train Station to dispose of his body, where Beth was waiting for one final blackmail.